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Bike Locks

Lock on steel cable with key.

Kill A Watt

Monitors electric consumption of home appliances.


Hooks up to computer to project presentations, movies, etc.
Note: 7-day checkout 

Portable Screen

70-inch portable screen on a tripod.
Note: 7-day checkout 

Learn about the Portable Screen (PDF User Guide)


Kindles pre-loaded with titles.


Nooks pre-loaded with titles.

Kindles (for kids and teens)

Kindles pre-loaded with titles for kids and teens.

Slide Projector

Kodak carousel slide projector, 2 slide trays, remote control & instructions.

Video Recorders (Zoom Q2 HD)

HD video recorder, USB cord, windscreen, adjustable tripod, AC adaptor & SD card.

Learn about the Zoom Q2 HD recorder

Arduino Kits

Open-source mini computers that can function as the brains in everything from drones to Christmas light shows.

Learn about Arduino or the Kit

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