What's a Good Book to Read

What’s a good book to read reminds me of a person standing in front of an open refrigerator asking what’s good to eat. In both cases the answer depends on the person’s mood and taste. Is the person looking for something sweet or spicy? Substantial or indulgent? Comforting or unusual? Both food and books can have these characteristics. Moods and tastes can also change during the year. The person who wants to read light romances in summer may change to suspense by Halloween, then inspirational stories for Christmas, followed by acclaimed literary novels, and then an intriguing biography. Unlike when your parents made you eat a new food, you do not have to finish a book that you try and do not like. There are so many other books to choose from!

Here is a quick list of authors to illustrate the many moods and tastes in fictions:

Adventure—Clive Cussler

Alternate history—Harry Turtledove

Award winning literature—Toni Morrison

Christian Fiction—Karen Kingsbury

Cozy—Debbie Macomber

Fantasy—Terry Brooks

Historical Fiction—Phillipa Gregory

Horror—Stephen King

Humor—Garrison Keillor

Mysteries—Michael Connelly

Novels about social and family problems—Jodi Picoult

Romance—Nora Roberts

Science Fiction—Orson Scott Card

Suspense—James Patterson

Thrillers—David Baldacci

Westerns—Louis L’Amour


And nonfiction topics—biography, business, current events, family, history, movies, music, nature, personal finance, politics, self-help, sports.


Staff at the Fond du Lac Public Library can help you find a book for your mood and taste. I enjoy helping people find a good book to read!



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