A favorite book of mine--Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

Gilead is a quiet, reflective book about things of the heart and spirit—forgiveness and the relationship between father and son. John Ames is an elderly pastor in the small town of Gilead, Iowa in the 1950s. He had a son late in life and is writing down his thoughts and memories for his son so that his son will know about his family and heritage. Pastor Ames is the grandson and son of preachers. His grandfather had been a fiery abolitionist preacher before the Civil War and his father a pacifist preacher. His best friend is Robert Boughton, also a pastor in Gilead. Pastor Boughton’s son was named for John Ames, but the son has been a prodigal son. This is a short, moving book in the form of a letter. Marilynne Robinson wrote Home, a follow-up to Gilead which looks at the same time period and events in Gilead but from the perspective of Glory Boughton, the youngest daughter of Robert Boughton. Marilynn Robinson won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in fiction for Gilead.

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