Award Winners

Our current display at the library features award-winning fiction and nonfiction books. Check it out. One of the award-winning authors on display is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970. I have read and re-read his book One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich which is based on Solzhenitsyn’s experiences in a Soviet labor camp. This book made an impression on me. It is the story of an ordinary Russian, Shukov (Ivan Denisovich), who is in a prison labor camp in Siberia in January, 1951. The prisoners are sent to work laying bricks for a new power plant even though the temperature is -27 degrees. The story is told in a matter-of-fact way and shows Shukov’s point of view and how he copes with the harsh and oppressive conditions but still maintains a spark of humanity. For example, Shukov takes off his hat when eating his meager breakfast—a small act of showing dignity. Also, Shukov takes pride in his bricklaying abilities and does a good job. One of the things that I remembered was the description of living and working in the extremely cold weather. Even if you read this book in summer, you’ll want to get a blanket to get warmed up! Take a break from “beach reads” and try some of the best of the best. You can find other Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, and National Book Award winners on our current display.

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