Wholesome AND Steamy Series

Do you like steamy romances but want the wholesomeness of a family saga? Bella Andre is the author for you. Her Sullivan Series follows the lives of the eight Sullivan siblings as they one by one find true love. All set within a warm family dynamic, with enough sibling rivalry and bickering to make it realistic, each book can be read as a standalone and they need not be read in sequence. The sex scenes are a bit steamy and romantic, but each story is filled with true emotion and has a strong and solid basis of love.

My favorite so far in the series is book number four titled I Only Have Eyes for You. Why is it my favorite? The book focuses on Sophie Sullivan, local librarian, lovingly nicknamed "Nice", whose twin sister, Lori, is nicknamed exactly the opposite. Sophie has had a secret crush on Jake McCann for nearly two decades. As one of her older brother Zach's best friends, she followed them around as a child but Jake never took notice of her. Twenty years have passed when they reunite at Sophie's brother Chase's wedding. She is tired of him ignoring her and is determined he will finally see the real woman she has become.

Jake McCann is everything a hero should be: rugged looking, successful and flawed. He escaped his abusive, alcoholic father by spending much of his childhood with Sophie's family. Once he was befriended by the Sullivan family, he finally had a stable house to visit and became the unofficial "ninth Sullivan kid". After buying an interest in the pub in which he worked as a young man, he goes on to own a series of successful restaurants. Despite all he has accomplished, his insecurities get in the way of his relationship with Sophie, and when they finally get together he manages to mess things up. Badly.

I Only Have Eyes for You is a story about two people who were in love for such a long time and neither one knew how to go about getting together. It is for every woman who dreamed of her childhood crush opening his eyes and falling in love with her. The internal struggle between both main characters really made this story great. The Sullivan family's love, dedication and support of each other is beautifully portrayed in every book in the series and leaves you feeling like one of the family.

The Sullivan Series in order: The Look of Love, From This Moment On, Can't Help Falling in Love,
I Only Have Eyes for You, If You Were Mine, Let Me Be the One, Come a Little Bit Closer

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