Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas

Hopeless romantics everywhere will want to add Brown-Eyed Girl by Lisa Kleypas to their reading list. It is a wonderfully romantic story guaranteed to warm your heart. Although this might be the fourth book in the author's Travis Family series, it still does well as a standalone and proves that you don't always need high drama to keep things interesting. It has been years since I read the last one but with back stories perfectly woven in I had no problem catching up with the Travis clan.

Brown-Eyed Girl feels much like a retelling of a modern day fairy tale. There is an insecure, awkward heroine, Avery Crosslin, who catches the eye of an absolutely swoon-worthy Prince Charming named Joe Travis. Avery and her half-sister, Sofia, are rising stars in Houston society with their wedding planning business and have landed the wedding of the year. Avery and Joe's first meeting is awkward when she mistakenly thinks he is one of the photographer's helpers during the wedding setup. He is instantly attracted to the fiery redhead, but she rejects his advances, until undeniable attraction takes over later that night when the wedding celebration comes to an end. Joe is intrigued with Avery, and loves that she is different from other women in his past. She is smart, talented, loyal and quick thinking, but her one failing is how she has allowed her last relationship to dictate her future. She is happy fading into the shadows and is continually hiding her curvaceous figure behind boxy loose clothing. Joe wants to have more with her than a one night stand but, unfortunately, Avery doesn't believe in happily ever after. Working as a wedding planner, of course she believes in love and marriage – just not for herself. Why? Because her former fiancé dumped her on their wedding day, and Avery's father was not exactly the father of the year.

There are other juicy parts to this sweet story. Sofia has her own romantic challenges with one of their coworkers and it is fun watching how things develop in their love-hate relationship. But, to me, the best part is when we experience firsthand how all the Travis clan come together during happy and difficult times. We see how the wedding industry is not all pretty dresses and fancy venues... and how a mother of the bride can sometimes become more of a Bridezilla then the bride.




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