One Way or Another by Elizabeth Adler

For Angie Morse, what begins as a beautiful evening off the Turkish coast at a party on a large luxury yacht ends with attempted murder and a quest for revenge. Standing on the yacht's deck enjoying the sunset, someone hits her over the head with a champagne bottle and pushes her over the side. The yacht pulls away and those on deck appear to turn their backs on her. How can that be? These are her friends, and one is her love, or so she thought. At that moment, Angie vows to survive and get even with those who did this to her - one way or another.

Marco Polo Mahoney is a portrait artist who is vacationing in Fethiye, Turkey in a little ramshackle beach cottage with his dog, Em. Marco is enjoying that same sunset when he sees a stunning red haired woman with an open gash on her head fall over the side of a sleek black luxury yacht and is horrified as he watches the boat speed away. Marco rushes out to rescue the woman, but he cannot find her. Back on shore he reports what he saw to the police, but they do not seem to believe him. He cannot get the red haired woman out of his thoughts. Meanwhile, Angie fights for her life and is soon rescued by a passing trading boat, who promptly returns her to the black luxury yacht where she is held captive by Ahmet Ghulbian, her former lover, and his evil assistant named Mehitabel. Ahmet is a self-made billionaire. On the outside he seems to be a generous and giving person, but in truth is a very different person. He uses beautiful women, including Angie, to pass his drug parcels and other illegal items. However, if these women get too close to Ahmet they are disposed of.

In One Way or Another, the author manages to tie all the characters to the evil Ahmet in a very clever way. Marco meets him at the Istanbul airport when his flight to Paris is cancelled and Ahmet offers him a ride on his private jet. Marco accepts Ahmet's invitation to come to his remote mansion, Marshmallows, and Martha, Marco's fiance and an interior designer, arrives to help with redecorating the mansion. It just so happens that Martha's sister Lucy is Ahmet's latest conquest for his dirty little business schemes. Soon Marco, Martha, and Lucy are in serious trouble, and so is Diana who is being held captive in the attic of Marshmallows. The book is a tangled web of evil and lies but you will want to keep reading to the end. I enjoy Adler's writing, especially the detailed descriptions of the exotic places and the oppulent lifestyles.



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