Family Sagas

Check out the display on family saga novels at the Library! Family is a common theme for stories and a popular theme for readers. Among the titles on display is I Gave My Heart to Know This by Ellen Baker. This is a good book for anyone who likes family sagas and anyone who likes to read books with a Wisconsin connection.

The setting is Superior and surrounding area, mainly during World War II. The story is not told in a straightforward manner, but rather unfolds and alternates between past and present. Violet Maki and her daughter Lena work in the shipyards in Superior during WWII where they are friends with Grace and Boots. Violet and her husband Jago have a farm near Superior, but they need the money that Violet earns at the shipyard. Jago has not been a reliable provider and is prone to gamble. Lena’s twin brother Derrick is in the Navy, and Lena pesters Grace to be his pen pal. Grace already has a relationship with a boy from high school who is in the Marines and is attracted to another man named Joe who works at the shipyard. Grace reluctantly agrees to correspond with Derrick and finds out that she really likes him. Then tragedy strikes. I don’t want to give away all of the story, but one of the tragedies is that Derrick is missing in action. Lena refuses to believe that he is dead. The parts of the World War II story alternate with the story of Julia, Lena’s grand-daughter, who comes to the old Maki homestead in the Fall of 1999 to recover from her own heartbreak. This book is tinged with sadness, but the ending is hopeful as it tells a story of love and loss, family secrets, forgiveness and renewal.



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