Last-minute gift ideas

Searching for last-minute gifts? The Children's staff at the library have some easy suggestions to help! All of these items are also owned by the library, so come in and scope them out first if you like. You could even save yourself a few bucks and simply check it out to share with your family throughout the year.

For our younger friends

They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Wenzel is a gorgeously illustrated way to see the world through different eyes. Interactive and fun, you'll love to flip through this story again and again. Find it on Amazon HERE.

Miss Julia says: You've gotta check this book out! It's funny and cute and so great to share with friends.

The Blobfish Book by Jessica Olien is an informational story about a misunderstood ugly fish. Did you know that the deepest parts of the ocean are over one mile deep and too far down for sunlight to reach? Thats where Blobfish lives. But this book isn't about Blobfish ... or is it? Find it on Amazon HERE.

Miss Julia C. says: This irresistible book-within-a-book nonfiction/picture book hybrid about the blobfish is delightful and very funny. The blobfish is known as the "ugliest fish in the sea." This book is full of fun facts about sea creatures in the deepest part of the ocean. This book would make a perfect gift for a science lover who also likes to laugh!

For our older friends

Wonder by R.J. Pakacio is a great choice for readers from middle grades to adult. In fact, this will be our Fond du Lac Reads choice for 2017. Get ahead of the game and check it out. It's going to be made into a movie, too! Find it on Amazon HERE.

Miss Gabriela says: The story follows Auggie, a boy with facial deformities, through the many challenges of building friendships. His story is extremely moving and uplifting and will awake empathy in the heart of every reader.

Dogs are People, Too by Dave Coverly is a smooth introduction to graphic novels. Haven't read one before? Or have a reluctant reader who won't budge on opening a book? Graphic novels are a sneaky way to bridge the gap. Find it on Amazon HERE.

Miss Julia says: Prepare to giggle. This story switches things around and gives the "what-if" scenario of dogs living like people and people living like dogs.

The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett is about two tricksters who go toe-to-toe in an epic prank war. Find it on Amazon HERE.

Miss Sarah says: Struggling to find something for a middle reader who loves Wimpy Kid? Snatch this one up! This will be a fan favorite and easily appease those waiting for favorite series to continue.

For teachers and parents

Discussion Starter Jars are an easy way to warm up a class or start talking about challenging topics. Find them HERE.

Miss Julia C. says: Have you checked out the Activity Jars in our Teacher Collection? These jars reinforce the lessons of character development, bullying prevention, positive behavior, social-emotional learning and more with games for school or home. They are unique, engaging, easy-to-use and make learning fun, portable and spontaneous for all ages. Enjoy the cards alone or with others at home, at school, while traveling, at parties, in youth groups and at camp.

Scarves for Music and Play are a fantastic and inexpensive addition to any class or play space. Using scarves during play builds fine motor, rhythm and listening skills while having fun. Find them on Amazon HERE.

Miss Sarah says: Scarves are one of our favorite things to use in Storytime. They help incorporate rhythm, dancing, listening and more into our programs for toddlers to school-aged children.

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