Middle Grade Book Review

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger   

The first in a middle-grade fantasy series, Keeper of the Lost Cities opens with an action-packed beginning and rarely slows down. Messenger crafts an intriguing world that breaks most of our rules and characters that you won't want to miss.

12 year-old Sophie has been hiding the fact that she can hear others' thoughts for years and struggles to keep up the facade. Never fitting in, even with the family that she loves, she tries to stay as under the radar as possible. While on a stuffy museum field trip, she stumbles across a mysterious boy, Fitz, who can hear others' thoughts, too.

Forced to leave her family behind in order to keep them safe, Sophie steps into a mystical world steeped in ancient history. Sophie learns that not only is she different from other humans . . . she isn't even human! But where there is good, there must be evil and Sophie finds herself in the middle of a dangerous mystery. Why was she hidden among humans? Why are there coded messages and clues left for her to find? With the human world set aflame and her new world threatened as well, Sophie sets out to discover the truth.

With humorous sidekicks and daring adventure, Keeper of the Lost Cities is a great choice for lovers of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Reluctant readers might be impatient with the world building at the start of the book, but once the scene is set, Sophie's story will drag them along for the ride.

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