Playaways for Kids

We love Playaways. Have you seen one yet? They are easy to find in the library because all of them are in bright orange plastic cases.Inside the case is a simple black box. The box contains a pre-loaded audiobook. No more switching cds while driving and no more scratched or lost discs.

All you need is a AAA battery and a pair of earbuds and you can literally carry an audiobook in the palm of your hand whereever you go! Schools are starting to build their playaway collections so a lot of kids will be familiar with them. Some people find Playaways easier than books-on-cd because their simple controls make it easy to slow or speed up the narrator, change volume, skip tracks, and know how much battery power you have left.

One of our favorite things to do with playaways is pair them with a physical book. It is a great way to reinforce and increase reaading skills!

We have a nice selection of Playaways and here are a few suggestions for our younger readers. We'll be posting more audio ideas for older reades soon.

The Napping House and Other Storybook Classics by Melissa Leebaert

The Wheels on the Bus and other stories for the very young by Paul Zelinsky

Don't Let the Pigion Drive the Bus! and more stories by Mo Willems

Arthur's Audio Favorites by Marc Brown

Clifford! The Big Red Dog and other Clifford stories by Norman Bridwell

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

I Stink! and other stories about our town by Diana Canova

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