Dueling pizza dough recipes May 16

Despite the debates about what toppings should and shouldn’t go on a pizza, there’s no doubt that the heart and soul of America’s second-favorite pie is the crust. Since modern pizza’s origins as simple flatbread in 1700s Naples, Italy, bakers have searched for the perfect dough recipe.

Two Fond du Lac Public librarians will offer three different options at the 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 16, Breads of the World program in the library’s Idea Studio demonstration kitchen. The program is free to adults and teens age 13 and older, but space is strictly limited. Online-only registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 2, at the Calendar.

Shelley Armstrong describes her recipe as easy, adaptable to thick or thin crusts and requiring no fancy equipment. Sarah Newton will demonstrate two recipes, one rustic dough that cooks for a short time on high heat and a second packed with “va-va-va-voom” ingredients such as herbs, spices and cheese.

Breads of the World in the Idea Studio demonstration kitchen features a different country’s bread every third Tuesday of the month taught by professional and amateur cooks from around the area. Coming up on June 20: Injera flatbread from Ethiopia.


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