Read it again, please!


Read It Again Please!

Does your child have a favorite book they want read over and over again? Or worse, wants YOU to read over and over again? You've probably memorized every word and by now you could throw the book out the window!

It can befrustrating but before you toss that favorite book you have read for the umpteenth time, you may want to reconsider. Repetitive reading, whether you read the book to your child or they're reading to you, offers a surprising number of benefits for your beginning reader.

  • The more your child reads, the larger their vocabulary becomes. When a child reads or hears the same book several times, they can figure out what a new word means by the rest of the words he hears.
  • Repeated book readings also boost comprehension. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand all parts of a story- from plot to character development and nuances of a story.
  • Hearing favorite stories read aloud helps children become aware of the pattern and rhythm of text. Language is more than just words- it's how words sound and connect to each other.


While we know this works for toddlers and preschoolers, research has shown that repeat readings to elementary aged students' increases vocabulary acquisition by 15-40 percent and these advances are relatively permanent. This is a powerful reminder to keep reading to your children, even after they are reading on their own!

Here are some books we never mind reading again and again!

Wait, I Want to Tell You a Story by Tom Willans

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont

Captain Pajamas by Bruce Whatley

Hungry Hen by Richard Waring

Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive by Karma Wilson

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