My Hometown meets Sep 6, 13

Historians Dr. Rick Whaley and Herman Bender invite the public to learn about their grassroots, community-based historical research project, My Hometown, at 6 p.m. Wednesdays September 6 and September 13 at the Fond du Lac Public Library.

The budding historians at work would like to hear feedback on their progress so far and listen to the community’s stories about their neighborhoods and downtown Fond du Lac. The sessions are free; no registration required.

“History is being taught from the ground up,” Whaley said. “We want to know what the community thinks is important so we can get their history right.”

Whaley and Bender are teaching the group how to access free resources – the library’s collection, online resources, Fond du Lac Historical Society materials and more – to gather information and to write about the buildings and the people who built them.

Pictured: This 1922 image shows the Retlaw Hotel as it appeared when first built. 


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