Out and About in the County

We love visiting! The past month or so, youth services staff have had a blast getting out in the community. We go to school events, day care groups, community events, and more! If you'd like the library to be a part of your event, please reach out to us! If you want to bring your group to visit us, you can set up a visit by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 920-322-3940 for the youth services department. 

Our first stop was at Lilypad Learning Center. We were invited in for their community helpers week and shared some fun stories, songs, and instrument playtime with them.

We love working with our local schools and hosted a tour and visit from the Chegwin Elementary Boys and Girls Club. They got to see all of the cool stuff we do, including a sneak peek at the Idea Studio, and learned about different ways they can use the library for free. 

Shifting our brains to older groups, we also went into Sabish Middle School and saw most of the 8th grade students in one day! We displayed tons of prize examples, candy to share as we visited, and gave them an inside look at all the awesome teen events happening at the library. 

One of our favorite events this fall was National Lights on After School, a Halloween-themed program that the Boys and Girls Club puts on. This program is huge and comes complete with a haunted house and fun spooky activities brought in by community agencies. 

We even did outreach with adults! Every year, we are invited in to launch the MPTC Childcare program's early literacy unit. We haul in tons of picture books and we have a great hands-on discussion about how to pick books to share with young children, how to read them aloud, and how to get the most from group reads.

Finally, we got to visit one of our county partners, Eden Elementary! We were asked to participate in their Family Literacy Night. We brought two fun activities plus hilarious books to share with their school-age crowd. 


We love partnering with our community! Remember, reach out to us if you'd like us to be at your next community or school event!

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