How Audiobooks Promote Literacy

Did you know that 85% of what children learn is learned by listening? Audiobooks are an often under-appreciated resource that can support  readers of all levels. Although nothing can replace the delight and importance of spending quality time snuggling and reading aloud with your child, bringing audiobooks into the mix of reading experiences has many benefits.

Many people think listening to audiobooks is "cheating." However, contrary to this belief, listening to audiobooks won't slow down the development of your child's reading skills. The main purpose of reading is to acquire information and it doesn't matter what path that information takes to reach the brain. It's actually beneficial for your child to read with both their eyes and ears at the same time. This multisensory kind of reading can increase word recognition and comprehension.

Here are five reasons to use audiobooks with your child:

1. Audiobooks can introduce your child to books above their reading level. Children can listen and understand two grade levels above their reading level.
2. Audiobooks help make stories accessible to kids of all different reading levels and stages of reading.
3. Audiobooks ease frustration, boost confidence, and make reading more enjoyable by allowing students to independently access text and keep up with peers. A recent study showed that audiobooks increased students' motivation to read by 67%.
4. With audiobooks, you'll improve word recognition skills. By seeing and hearing words, this skill develops at a faster pace. When you apply more than one sense while learning a new skill, you are more likely to maintain that skill.
5. Audiobooks are extremely convenient. Audiobooks can be listened to instantly and can be played on almost any sound system. They allow for people to share in the reading experience in a car, at home, or anywhere a speaker is available.

There are so many advantages and benefits of an audiobook. We have many forms of audiobooks at the Fond du Lac Public Library. We have Playaways, audiobooks on CD and downloadable books for any device you may have. We'd love to share some great audiobooks with you!

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