1000 Books Before Kindergarten

We wanted to take a few minutes to highlight one of the best things we offer at the library. Have you heard about 1000 Books Before Kindergarten?

Like all of our programs and classes for children, this is a free opportunity. It takes minutes to sign up, less than a minute to learn how to do it, and then you’re on your way to the next thing.

The concept is simple. The rewards are endless.

We challenge families to read 1,000 books with their young children before they enter kindergarten. If your heart skipped a beat at that number, don’t panic! If you read one book every day with your child, you’d read 365 books in one year. If you spend 20 minutes a day reading with your child, you’d be reading 2-4 books a day. That’s close to 1,000 books in a year right there!

As you read for the challenge, you write down the books you read on sheets we provide. We aren’t expecting you to read 1,000 different books (though that would be an awesome way to extend your challenge). In fact, kids thrive on repetition and routine! If you read 20 different books and you end up reading each one 50 times, you’ll complete the challenge. This is a program you do at home; you can go at your own pace.

Bring your child with you when you turn in a completed sheet. We love to celebrate each milestone with a fun routine including a prize for each completed sheet.

Here are some reasons why this program is important:

  • Reading with your children before they start school helps set them up for success in school.
  • Reading with your children builds a lifelong routine and love of reading.
  • Reading with your children builds their vocabulary exponentially more than talking alone.
  • Reading with your children is fun!

Read to your young child. Earn engaging and fun prizes. Have fun and spend quality time together.

It’s a win-win-win! Ask us for more info. Stop into the children’s room to sign up for the program or to find out where you are in the program if you’ve lost your sheet.

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