New direction: Parking lot changes

Construction is nearly done on the Fond du Lac Public Library’s downtown main parking lot.

Drivers now can enter from two driveways on Portland Street: 

  1. A new one-way, entrance-only driveway along the main entrance. This lane accesses the new book drop from the driver's side. In essence, the book drop lane has switched direction.
  2. The old/previous driveway with both entrance and exit lanes. 

Other changes to the parking lot:

  • Drivers no longer will be able to drive up to the main entrance from the east side of the parking lot. That lane now is the one-way lane mentioned above.
  • Two additional handicapped parking spots have been added
  • A new book-themed bike rack has been added

The changes are designed to improve pedestrian walkways and traffic flow and to make drive-and-drop much easier.

The parking lot project redesign was phase two of a yearlong plan of improvements at the downtown library. Phase one, finished in March, replaced the carpet and rearranged the collections. Phase three will replace the 52-year-old service elevator that patrons use to access the Seefeld Local History Room. Elevator replacement is scheduled to start in late summer.

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