Painting letters with water: A fun, summer learning activity

Summer is perfect for lazy days; there's no driving the kids to school or running in the mornings to catch the school bus. However, after a few weeks of summer it's easy to run out of fun activities to do with the kids.

If you're looking for a suggestion for an outdoor activity, try painting letters with water. This is a wonderful fun activity. You don't need any prep time, there is virtually no mess to clean up and, best of all, it will keep your youngsters learning.

Summer learning is really important. In the summer months children often forget things they've learned throughout the school year and when they go back to school in the fall, they struggle to remember what they learned the previous year. Painting letters with water is a great pre-writing activity for preschoolers and it has many benefits for older kids, too. If your child has not yet learned the letters, you can still join the fun. First write the letters with chalk and have your child paint with water over them.

So next time it is hot outside, the kids are bored, and you have some old brushes around the house, take a bowl of water, give a paintbrush to each child and go for it! You can practice uppercase letters, lowercase letters, paint the complete alphabet, paint their name, or paint the numbers one to ten. With the older kids, write sight words or solve simple math problems, and have fun keeping them learning!

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