This summer, the library will hold its 2nd-annual Teen Photo Scavenger Hunt! At the beginning of each month, the Fond du Lac Public Library will release 5 prompts, and participants will have until the second Friday of the month to complete the hunt.

Photos should be submitted to; teens who submit photos for all 5 monthly prompts will receive 10 extra entries into the grand prize raffles. Tickets may be split among different prizes. Participants are limited to one set of photos per month.

Pictures can be taken with any digital device (phone, iPad, digital camera etc.)

Staff of the Fond du Lac Public Library will highlight their favorite entries on the library's Teen Instagram and Teen Facebook page, so make sure to follow us @fondylibraryteens! Some pictures also will be displayed on the teen room bulletin board.

June Prompts - due June 11

  • Wild Card
  • Something that sparks joy
  • Your shadow
  • Something photographed in sepia
  • Something glittery

July Prompts - due July 9

  • Wild Card
  • Something photographed in black & white
  • Something light
  • Something at a low angle
  • Something you are passionate about

August Prompts - due August 13

  • Wild Card
  • Your hands or feet 
  • People or pets jumping
  • Nighttime
  • A close-up of someone or something