The position of Affiliated Status with the Fond du Lac Public Library denotes a cooperative relationship between the library and the organization holding the status. The library grants Affiliated Status to organizations to facilitate the flow of information to the community. These organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Are nonprofit – 501(c)3 – or not for profit, governmental or community-service based
  • Are committed to values that are in keeping with the library’s mission: To support a high quality of life in Fond du Lac through reading, lifelong learning and community involvement.
  • Agree to use the library space and resources to provide information to the community, to benefit the community, without restriction (open to everyone) and in ways that are noncommercial. There can be no solicitation of funding or donations, no charge to attend, no promotion of a commercial enterprise (even nonprofit) and no sales of any kind, whether immediate or in the future (example: cannot promote a fee-based service to be given at a later date).
  • Are nonpartisan
  • Would present information determined by the library director to be of interest to a broad audience

The designation of Affiliated Status is granted on the sole discretion of the library director, who will use the above criteria as well as other factors to make the determination.

Affiliated Status program benefits. Organizations with Affiliated Status are not required to pay the library’s room reservation fee. Also, programs presented at the library by organizations with Affiliated Status will be promoted in the same manner as most library programs if required information is provided in a timely manner (see Affiliated Status Program Form). This promotion could include:

  • Press release sent to regional print and radio media.
  • Programs included in library calendars, library website and in-house signage.
  • Programs promoted on the library’s social media accounts.
  • At the discretion of the community information coordinator, programs featured on 11x17 library-designed posters, up to 15 of which provided to the organization for community distribution at no charge.

Note: Designation of Affiliated Status covers room fee and promotion ONLY – it does not construe a library endorsement of the Affiliated organization or its programming. Affiliated programs should not infer endorsement by the library in advertising or use the library’s address as the group’s address without express permission by the library director. Reservations may be canceled in the event these regulations are violated.



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