The Book a Librarian service provides up to 1 hour of 1:1 support for assistance locating information for research including library databases and materials, accessing ebooks and audiobooks, as well as basic computer assistance such as:  

  • General internet searches
  • Creating and using email
  • Creating social media accounts
  • Using informational and government sites
  • Connecting patrons with resources and reference materials
  • Other technology and services if applicable

Please fill out the requested information below and a Librarian will make an effort to respond within 72 hours. Walk-in help will be limited in scope and only available as time and capacity allows.

Sessions are limited to:

  • Up to one session per week
  • 7 sessions per calendar year
  • information and resource finding that fit within the scope of staff and the guidelines above

Staff members are well-trained library professionals who strive to provide excellent service to everyone. They maintain the authority to take only requests that fit within the scope of service guidelines, their time and knowledge limits.

Librarians are not able to support complex or extensive research requests and may limit time and scope of their assistance as time and capacity require. Library staff cannot provide medical, legal, or business help. Sessions must only include materials and behavior that fall within the library's Appropriate Behavior & Expectations Policy. 

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