Draggin’ Your Feet on Chapter Books? Read these

For 2nd – 4th grade reluctant readers / *also available on audiobook or playaway

Captain Awesome (series) by Stan Kirby

Bad guys beware! Eugene McGillicudy just happens to be the most awesome superhero of all time…Captain Awesome. MI-TEE!

The Cat on the Mat is Flat by Andy Griffiths

Wacky rhymes that won't bore! All of this and so much more; what are you waiting for?

Daisy Dawson (series) by Steve Voake

Even though Daisy Dawson is late for school — again — she can’t help but stop to free a butterfly trapped in a web. And when she does, something amazing happens! Now Daisy can understand everything animals say

Dragon Slayer’s Academy (series) by Kate McMullan

Wiglaf is off to Dragon Slayers' Academy and in for a first day of school he will never forget.

Eerie Elementary (series) by Jack Chabert

Who wants to be the hall monitor at a school called Eerie Elementary? Not Sam Graves, that’s for sure.

My Weird School (series) by Dan Gutman*

Never before has school been this mixed up—or this much fun!

Pigsticks and Harold (series) by Alex Milway

The world’s most optimistic pig and his nervous hamster sidekick set out on an exploration to find the Ends of the Earth.

Graphic Novels

Binky the Space Cat (series) by Ashley Spires

Binky is a space cat - at least in his own mind. He's really a house cat who has never left the family “space station”. Unlike other house cats, Binky has a mission: to blast off into outer space (outside).

Bird and Squirrel (series) by James Burks

A happy-go-lucky Bird and a cautious acorn-collecting Squirrel become unlikely best friends when Squirrel loses his winter stash while saving Bird from Cat.

Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye (series) by Colleen Venable

Sasspants, a guinea pig, reluctantly agrees to act as a private investigator when Hamisher the hamster begs for her help in discovering who is stealing sandwiches from the pet shop's befuddled owner.

Mr. Pants (series) by Scott Mccormick

It's the last day of summer vacation, and Mr. Pants, the cat, really wants to play laser tag one last time before school starts, except Mom and his sisters, Foot Foot and Grommy, have other ideas.


For 4th-6th grade reluctant readers / *also available on audiobook or playaway

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom (series) by Christopher Healy

A must-have for middle grade readers who enjoy their fantasy adventures mixed with the humor of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Witty black-and-white drawings by Todd Harris add to the fun.

Interactive Survival Adventures, a You Choose series by various authors

A series that allows you to face the elements from the safety of your couch! Experience extreme adventures like surviving earthquakes, storm chasing, and the jungle. 

I Survived (series) by Lauren Tarshis*

Each book in the series tells a terrifying and thrilling story from history, through the eyes of a boy who lived to tell the tale.

The Magnificent 12 (series) by Michael Grant

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Grant sends a lad with a serious case of mediumness up against not only the minions of an ageless and evil Pale Queen but also a truly impressive list of phobias in this opener to the Magnificent 12 series.

The Terrible Two (series) by Mac Barnett*

It’s prankster against prankster in an epic war of trickery.

Graphic Novels

Awkward (series) by Svetlana Chamokova

Cardinal rule #1 for surviving school: Don't get noticed by the mean kids. Cardinal rule #2 for surviving school: Seek out groups with similar interests. On her first day at her new school, Penelope breaks the first rule and it only goes downhill from there.

Secret Coders (series) by Gene Luen Yang

Welcome to Stately Academy, a school which is just crawling with mysteries to be solved! The founder of the school left many clues and computer coding puzzles to challenge his enterprising students.

Sidekicks by Dan Santat

Captain Amazing, superhero and savior of Metro City, is getting old. He needs - a SIDEKICK! Captain Amazing's four pets agree. But each one of them thinks HE should get the sidekick spot. Get ready for zany action and fun.