For Children ages 2 and Older

I Am Living in 2 Homes by Garcelle Beauvais 

Follow twins Jay and Nia as they both address the difficulties of having parents who are no longer together.

I Have Two Homes by Marian De Smet

A young girl named Nina recounts her feelings about her parents' divorce and describes what it is like to live in two households.

Living with Mom and Living with Dad by Melanie Walsh

For young children who live in two homes, this bright, simple story with oversized flaps reassures young readers that there is love in each one.

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore by Kathy Stinson

This book describes living with separated parents from a child’s perspective.

Oliver at the Window by Elizabeth Shreeve

When Oliver's parents move into separate houses, he spends a lot of time looking out of windows with his pet lion as he adjusts to a new preschool and to living in two places.

Two Homes by Claire Masurel

A comforting story and intimate paintings reassure children that, in the face of divorce, there can be warmth and love.


For Children ages 6 and up

Monday, Wednesday, and every other weekend by Karen Stanton

Although Henry enjoys the time he spends at his mother's apartment and his father's house, his dog Pomegranate gets confused about which place is home.

Weekends with Dad by Melissa Higgins

Gender neutral animal characters and inviting illustrations gently explore difficult situations. 


Divorce and Separation

For Children ages 2 and older 

Do you sing Twinkle? : a story about remarriage and new family by Sandra Levins

Told from a young boy’s point of view, the book sensitively addresses many questions that children may have while adjusting to remarriage and joint-custody situations. 

Family Breakup by Jillian Powell

This series is a guide to surviving tough times. Difficult topics are handled candidly, but always with a child's best interest at heart.

When My Parents Forgot How to Be Friends by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

This sensitively written book assures boys and girls that children are in no way responsible for their parents' inability to get along together.

Standing On My Own Two Feet by Tamara Schmitz

Addison is a regular kid whose parents are going through a divorce, but he knows that no matter what happens, his parents will always love him.

Was it the Chocolate Pudding? by Sandra Levins

A young narrator living with his single father and brother explains divorce and its grown-up words like: “New Arrangement,” “Ideal Situation,” and “Differences” from a kid's point-of-view.


For children ages 6 and older  

Divorce and Separation by Patricia J. Murphy

Learn about the feelings many people experience when their parents are separating or divorcing. 

Divorce is not the end of the world by Zoe Stern

Advice for kids-by kids-about divorce.

Why Do Families Change?: Our First Talk About Separation and Divorce by Dr. Jillian Roberts

Colorful illustrations capture the emotions that parents and their children may feel. This is an excellent book to remind children that divorce or separation is not their fault.

You Make Your Parents Super Happy!: A book about parents separating by Richy K. Chandler

This book explains why some parents have to live in different places, reminds the child how special they are to both parents, and reassures them that both parents will keep looking after them, and love them just as before.


For parents and caregivers

Parenting after divorce : resolving conflicts and meeting your children's needs by Philip Stahl

Parenting through divorce : helping your children thrive during and after the split by Lisa Reynolds               

Positive parenting 101 : a handbook for parents undergoing divorce by James Baker

When parents part : how mothers and fathers can help their children deal with separation and divorce by Penelope Leach