If You Love . . .  Katie Woo

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa (series) by Erica Silverman

Hold on to your hats! Two new pals have arrived on the scene: Cowgirl Kate and her stubborn, but devoted cowhorse, Cocoa. Together they count the herd, ride the range, and, of course, argue till the cows come home--as only best friends can do.

DC Super-Pets! (series) by Jane Mason

Introducing the pets of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. They, too, are working night and day to fight crime and evil in the DC Universe. These early chapter books are sure to engage and amuse younger readers. Unleash the power of Super-Pets!

Judy Moody and Friends (series) by Megan McDonald

A younger series of stories to introduce the world of Judy Moody and Stink, her younger brother. McDonald’s signature humor and Madrid’s delightful illustrations will appeal to the youngest of independent readers.

Ling & Ting (series) by Grace Lin

Ling and Ting are identical twins that people think are exactly the same, but time and again they prove to be different. Humorous and with lovely illustrations, this series is a great choice for beginning readers.

Max and Zoe (series) by Shelley Sateren

A delightful series featuring Max and his best friend Zoe. This terrific twosome learns lots of life's little lessons as they experience new places and adventures. Likeable characters and relatable experiences make this perfect for early readers!

The Monster in the Backpack by Lisa Moser

Annie's new backpack comes with pink and blue flower decorations, a zipper, and a mischievous monster who manages to get her into all sorts of trouble at school.

Sofia Martinez (series) by Jacqueline Jules

Little Sofia Martinez has a big personality and big plans, which makes every day memorable. Between her sisters and cousins, her family is the focus of her many adventures. From taking school pictures to doing chores, this 7-year-old knows how to make every moment count.

Chapter Books 

Anna Hibiscus (series) by Tobia Atinuke*

This is a wonderful series about a girl living with her extended family in Africa. There is always somebody to laugh or play with. This series is great to introduce children to family life in another culture.

Ivy & Bean (series) by Annie Barrows*

The moment they saw each other, Bean and Ivy knew they wouldn't be friends. But when Bean plays a joke on her sister, Nancy, and has to hide quickly, Ivy comes to the rescue, proving that sometimes the best of friends are people never meant to like each other.

Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe: Picture Day! (series) by Susan Nees

It's almost picture day, and Missy has her outfit all picked out. It will have ruffles, rainbows, ribbons, and sparkles! But Mom has a different outfit in mind. Will Missy's picture day turn into her worst day EVER?

Princess Posey (series) by Stephanie Greene

Follow along with Posey as she navigates first grade in a fun, picture-filled chapter book.

Sophie Mouse (series) by Poppy Green

Sophie is a young mouse who lives in Silverlake Forest with her family. Sophie's mother is a baker, her father is an architect, and their forest boasts a school, post office, library, and bakery.