Find the links to our scheduled discussions here:

Jan 13: The Happiness Ruse, an examination of the current fixation on happiness, at

Feb 10: The Jokes Always Saved Us: Humour in the Time of Stalin (humor and political satire).

Mar 9: One podcast and two articles:

  1. Can Rural America Be Saved? podcast by Pitchfork Economics
  2. Who Killed the Knapp Family? New York Times
  3. Something Special is Happening in Rural America New York Times

(April canceled due to COVID-19 shutdown)

May 11: The family

  1. The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake magazine article by David Brooks
  2. How Co-housing Can Make Us Happier and Live Longer TED Talk by Grace Kim
  3. My Retirement Plan is You newspaper article by Charlotte Cowles

Jun 8: The not-so-pretty art world

  1. The Art World Doesn’t Want Us to Ask Where the Money Comes From article by Barbara Bourland
  2. How the Fine Art Market is a Scam - Adam Ruins Everything & the Truth video
  3. Art & Financial Crimes podcast by Steve Schindler & Katie Wilson-Milne