Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Discover picture book adventures as you walk through Hamilton and Lakeside Park by visiting the latest StoryWalks. StoryWalks encourage families to enjoy reading and the outdoors by posting a children’s book – a page at a time – at intervals along a path.

During the warm season, our StoryWalks get a new story each month. What's happening in late September & October?

At Lakeside Park, start at the Deneveu Shelter to read two different books! In "The Leaf Thiefby Alice Hemming, Squirrel becomes suspicious when his favorite colorful leaves begin to disappear; is someone stealing them? Then, in "Eat Your Rocks, Croc!" by Jess Keating, follow the adventures of a small Australian possum who travels around the world (even underwater) dispensing good advice to animals with problems -- while avoiding being eaten.

Over at Hamilton Park, in "Ravi's Roar" by Tom Percival, a small child's frustration with being too little to play certain fun games leads him to lose his temper -- and turn into a feroucious, roaring tiger!

Bonus! Did you miss our scavenger hunt in Hamilton Park? We've moved the hunt for clues in the book "I've Got the School Spirit" by Connie Schofield-Mrrison to the Children's Room! Pick up a scavenger hunt sheet and search the story for the answers inside the Children's Room at the Main Library.

For more information, visit fdlpl.org or call the Children's Desk at 920-322-3940.