Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Discover picture book adventures as you walk through Hamilton and Lakeside Park by visiting the latest StoryWalks. StoryWalks encourage families to enjoy reading and the outdoors by posting a children’s book – a page at a time – at intervals along a path.

During the warm season, our StoryWalks get a new story each month. What's happening in July?

At Lakeside Park, start at the Deneveu Shelter to read two different books! In "I Can't Draw" by Stephen W. Martin, Max recruits his friend Eugene to teach him how to improve his drawing, but none of Eugene's helpful tips fit Max's style.

Then, in "Whose House is That?" by Stan Tekiela, learn about animal homes: beaver dams, bird nests, spider webs -- the animal kingdom is filled with expert builders that construct spectacular homes. How much do you know about them?

Over at Hamilton Park, in "The Bear Who Wasn't There" by LeUyen Pham, this book is about Bear... so what happens when he doesn't show up on his page? Who will find him? One thing's for sure--it probably won't be Duck. Duck doesn't seem concerned that Bear is missing.

For more information, visit fdlpl.org or call the Children's Desk at 920-322-3940.