Wednesday, August 02, 2023

The inspiration and ingredients for art may be found anywhere, even among discarded items.

This is the basis for the next exhibit in the Langdon Divers Community Gallery at the Fond du Lac Public Library: “Remnants: Works by Stephanie Leisering.” The exhibit will be open to the public whenever the Fond du Lac Public Library is open from Wednesday, Aug. 2 to Tuesday, Sept. 5

Recycling and reusing discarded or unwanted materials is what really inspires Leisering’s work. Her hope is to transform something often looked over and tossed out, into something that speaks to use on a creative, artistic level. 

Most of the materials, fabric and art supplies that Leisering uses and incorporates into her work are often sourced from local thrift stores, secondhand shops, also things that have been handed or passed down to her. In her mind no scrap or fabric remnant is too small for any project. 

Leisering also considers herself a modern quilter who works largely in improvisational quilting, using leftover or found fabric scraps in her art quilts. Her improvisational quilts start without any real intention or concept, but as she randomly pieces and sews scraps together, the work starts to take its own shape and direction.

With the obvious threat of pollution, consumerism and mass production which leads to lots of waste, Leisering is trying to show how by reusing as much recycled materials into her works, she can possibly be a small creative antidote to our current throwaway culture. From the fused plastic vases and her upcycled junk journals, she wants to show how reusing older discarded objects for practical or aesthetically pleasing purposes can prolong its usefulness and give it new life.

A public reception will be held Thursday, Aug. 10 from 5:30 to 7 p.m.