Wednesday, January 27, 2021

What happens when an industrious beaver floods a garden one spring, but suddenly disappears when summer arrives? Find out through an illustrated story titled “Our Four Ladies and Mr. Beaver,” available during February on the Langdon Divers Community Gallery Facebook page.

Created by the daughter/mother collaboration of Lily Friedrich (writer) and Lee Schauer (artist), “Our Four Ladies and Mr. Beaver” will be on display on the Langdon Divers Community Gallery Facebook page throughout the month. 

“The most magical part was this beaver’s marsh was marked by a statue of himself, made from reeds and mud, sitting on top of an old cow fence post,” Schauer said, recalling how “one day mid-summer, he just stopped rebuilding his dam and was never seen again. That’s when I noticed our four hens, clucking very happily amongst themselves, as they bathed in the now dry, dusty dirt. Shortly afterward the story of ‘Our Four Ladies and Mr. Beaver’ was born.”

Enjoy “Our Four Ladies and Mr. Beaver” at the Langdon Divers Facebook page at The exhibit will be available virtually beginning Wednesday, Feb. 3.

Curator and local artist Mel Kolstad can be contacted at