Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I don't know about you, but I'm a last minute holiday shopper.  Between getting the "kids" to actually create some kind of holiday wish list and then coordinating with other family members to not duplicate items it always seems like I'm running to the stores when I hope they aren't as busy to get my shopping done.That's why the news of "supply chain issues" has been making me a tad nervous about the upcoming holidays.  Maybe this is the year to make homemade gifts for all and there's no time like the present to get started!  

Here at the Fond du Lac Public Library we have lots of possibilities.  Most of the books are in the 745.5 area, from basic craft books to specific holidays.


The Complete book of home crafts : projects for adventurous beginners 745.5 C738 2011 has projects that I think even I can do successfully. From Batik to Stenciling there are complete lists of materials needed, patterns, and instructions.  

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts 745.5 M361 2009 is an A to Z guide with detailed instructions and endless inspiration. Both Botanical Printing and Candlemaking  are projects I want to try.  


Photocraft : cool things to do with the pictures you love 745.5 H44  by Caroline Herter has some amazing projects that would make great gifts.  I'm thinking the Tile Coasters, Pet Placemats/Baby Bibs, and Votive Candles would make terrific gifts this year.

Family Crafting : fun projects to do together 745.5 Sch24 by Carol Scheffler has some fun projects to do with your children or grandchildren.  Isn't the most important part getting together with family and friends and making memories?

Simply Handmade : 365 easy gifts & decorations you can make 745.594 Si57 If time is precious and you want to fulfill your passion for making handcrafted items, Simply Handmade is just the inspiration you need.

Quick & Clever Christmas Cards 745.5941 M71Q by Elizabeth Moad will get you in the mood to not only send those holiday cards, but make at least some of them also.  The designs can be used for greeting cards or gift tags.


All through the seasons recipes & crafts 641.5686 AL51 has some wonderful ideas for the entire year.  

Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen 641.5686 B75c  by Georgeanne Brennan will probably be the resource I use most this year.  From cookies to preserves this book has it all.  

Since I'm not known for my crafting skills, I'm starting this week!