Monday, November 29, 2021

by Debbie Rosenberg

The winter holiday season is a perfect time to find out more about your family history when you get together with loved ones around the table.  Each relative will have different memories that will not only keep politics off the table, they can entertain the whole group! It's also a perfect time to pull out the family photo albums and try to identify those mystery people or places. We had a wonderful time recently going through old photos and if one couldn't identify someone, often another relative could.  If you start thinking now about your ancestors, you'll probably come up with some questions to ask.  For example, why can't I find my grandparents' marriage record in Milwaukee?  They were both residents before and after the wedding so it should be there, right?  Wrong.  Grandma was a teacher, and it seems that she couldn't be married according to her contract.  So off they went to Illinois to be married, back home to their parent's homes until the school year ended, and no announcement in the newspaper until summer.  What will you find out?

The Fond du Lac Public Library has many resources both in print and online to help you.


The Oral History Workshop : collect and celebrate the life stories of your family and friends by Cynthia Hart 

The Oral History Manual by Barbara Sommer and Mary Kay Quinlan

Sustainable genealogy : separating fact from fiction in family legends by Richard Hite

Journeys home : inspiring stories, plus tips and strategies to find your family Andrew McCarthy

Advanced genealogy research techniques by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith


Family photo detective : learn how to find genealogy clues in old photos and solve family photo mysteries by Maureen Taylor

Unlocking the secrets in old photographs by Karen Frisch

How to archive family photos by Denise May-Levenick

Ebooks & Emagazines through Wisconsin's Digital Library


Tracing your ancestors through family photographs ebook by Jayne Shrimpton

Advanced Genealogy Research Techniques ebook by George G. Morgan & Drew Smith

Family Tree Magazine UK

Family Tree Magazine (US)

Debbie Rosenberg is a member of Fond du Lac Public Library's reference department