Wednesday, March 02, 2022

by Katie Killian

Superheroes, comics, funny pages. If you’ve never given graphic novels a chance, you might not have a real grasp of the depth and breadth of what they’re capable of. And if you’ve not visited the second floor recently, you might not be aware that we’ve recently relocated our graphic novel collection!

Graphic novels are more than strong folks saving those in distress and using witty banter while they’re at it (though we do still have our fair share of it, if that’s what you’re into!). The really nifty thing about graphic novels is that it’s a really malleable medium. It’s got the ability to be funny and lighthearted, laugh at itself and others, capture memories and moments in history, and even tell a story of hope in a time when it’s needed most. 

Graphic novels are great for readers of all levels, from developing readers to advanced, and reach all kinds of audiences. There’s something for everyone, but here’s a few gems to start out:

Graphic novels with something to say

 They Called Us Enemy by George Takei link 

 Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi link 

 American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang link 

 March by John Lewis link 

 Fun Home by Alison Bechdel link 

  Maus by Art Spiegelman link 

 Speak (the graphic novel) by Laurie Halse Anderson link

Lighthearted Lifts

 Lumberjanes link 

 Check, Please! link 

 The Magic Fish link 

 Scott Pilgrim link 

 The Adventure Zone link 

 The Flintstones link 

 Black Panther link 

 Hawkeye link

Katie Killian is a librarian in the Fond du Lac Public Library's information and outreach services department.