Tuesday, November 21, 2023

by Katie Killian

Some of the most common questions librarians get are about books library-goers cannot recall the title of, most of the important information about, or anything except for one important detail: 

"It was a blue book.” 

Well, what happens when it wasn’t just a blue book, but it was THE BLUE BOOK. From Project Blue Book? That might stump even the cleverest of librarians! 

I got a good chuckle when I came across a graphic novel titled Blue Book this year, so naturally I was curious. This sparked deeper interest, so I found myself reading further and gathered more books about Project Blue Book, and more about the topic in general. 

Now, I’m not going to give it away because I think it’s kind of funny and interesting what I accidentally stumbled into, so I’m just going to leave this here for you all. But please do browse on and enjoy for yourselves!


 Blue Book. Volume 1, 1961   |   Tynion, James, IV   001.942 Tynian 2023

 Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience   |   Marden, Kathleen   001.942 M334 2007

   Chariots of the Gods   |   Däniken, Erich von   001.94 Daniken 2018

   The UFO Experience   |   Hynek, J. Allen   001.942 Hynek 2023

   Making Contact   |   Steinfeld, Alan   001.942 Making 2021

   They Are Already Here   |   Scoles, Sarah   001.942 Scoles 2020

   The Demon-Haunted World   |   Sagan, Carl   001.9 Sa18 1997

   The Contact Paradox   |   Cooper, Keith   576.839 Cooper 2019

   The Zoologist’s Guide to the Galaxy   |   Kershenbaum, Arik   576.83 Kershenbaum 2021


   Prroject Blue Book [Season 1]

   Project Blue Book [Season 2]

   People of Earth [Season 1]

   Nope [DVD]

   War of the Worlds [DVD] - 1999

   War of the Worlds [DVD] - 2005

   Close Encounters [DVD]   001.94 Close


   Diablo Mesa   |   Preston, Douglas J.   

   Project Hail Mary  |   Weir, Andy 

   The War of the Worlds   |   Wells, H. G.

   An Absolutely Remarkable Thing   |   Green, Hank

Katie Killian is a librarian in the Fond du Lac Public Library's information and outreach services department.