Wednesday, July 07, 2021

by Debbie Rosenberg

Did you know that July is National Grilling Month?  You've probably already been grilling since we've had good weather, but are you interested in a few new recipes?  Have we got books for you!

Some of our new books that you'll find on the first floor include Rodney Scott's world of BBQ : every day is a good day  and  How to grill vegetables : the new bible for barbecuing vegetables over live fire by Steven Raichlen.  Rodney Scott is famous for whole hog barbecuing at his restaurants and he shares some great tips and recipes in his book. If you aren't planning a trip to Charleston, SC or Birmingham, AL this summer here's the next best thing.  How to grill vegetables will help you whether you're doing vegetables as a main dish or a side and even includes grilling eggs and cheeses. Remember your doctor, and for sure your mother, told you to eat more vegetables!   


Some very notable chefs share their best BBQ recipes with us. Martha Stewart's grilling : 125+ recipes for gatherings large and small , Tuffy Stone's book Cool smoke : the art of great barbecue , and Mark Bittman's book How to grill everything : simple recipes for great flame-cooked food are just a few.  



Or you could try something a little different such as Korean BBQ : master your grill in seven sauces by Bill Kim or Patio pizzeria : artisan pizza and flatbreads on the grill by Karen Adler.  Project fire: cutting-edge techniques and sizzling recipes from the caveman porterhouse to salt slab brownie s'mores also by Steven Raichlen is one I have to try - who can resist salt slab brownie s'mores?! Wish we had that recipe when I was a Girl Scout. 


Debbie Rosenberg is a member of Fond du Lac Public Library's reference department.