Wednesday, November 01, 2023

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Library card holders at the Fond du Lac Public Library who stream movies, documentaries, and more free through Kanopy will see a change this month.

In the past, library users received 5 play credits each month. Each credit could be used to play an item in Kanopy's collection.

As of Nov. 1, library users now receive 15 tickets on the first of each month instead; unused tickets do not roll over to a following month. What does this mean for you?

How do the tickets work?

Each movie, documentary or series is worth a varying number of tickets.

  • Movies: Typically require 2, 3 or 4 tickets to view. May be watched for two or three days, as often as you would like. Depending on which movies you select, you will be able to watch more movies through the ticket system than you could in the past.
  • Series: Require 3, 4 or 5 tickets, and often provide longer viewing periods, ranging from 3 days to 2 weeks. Tickets required and viewing periods generally are based on how many episodes are in a given series.
  • Documentaries: Many documentaries require 2 tickets to view.
  • The Great Courses: Typically use 5 tickets to view, with some courses using fewer, based on course length. This is a change; The Great Courses previously could be viewed without using a play credit. The Great Courses generally have longer viewing periods so that you can complete each course.
  • Kanopy Kids: Still free to watch an unlimited number of titles each month!
  • Other content: Items with runtimes of less than 30 minutes (such as some short films) will use 1 ticket. Select content will be available free (no ticket required), and will be labeled as using "0 tickets." These may be found on a carousel labeled "Unlimited Viewing."

Why was this change made?

The new ticket system more fairly reflects how long the shows, movies, or documentaries are that you watch.

Now, instead of a 12-minute short film using the same number of credits as a 4-hour documentary, the number of tickets you use usually reflects the amount of content you receive.

Why will you continue to love Kanopy?

Kanopy continues to offer a wide variety of content at no cost to you, all available through your Fond du Lac Public Library card.

New titles are added regularly, so you will always find something new to love on Kanopy.

Content is available for all ages and interests, with select content (including Kanopy Kids) that uses no tickets at all!

Click here to watch movies and more on Kanopy, or to sign up now!