Wednesday, May 18, 2022

by Debbie Rosenberg

On a beautiful spring day, who wants to read something heavy?   For example, I read a fair amount of mysteries, but  if it's not a "dark and scary night" who wants to read the scary ones? Lately I've been enjoying several books that have quirky characters and which are quite funny.  I think these would be great as an afternoon distraction or reward after yard work or gardening when you just need to take a break.  Break out the sun umbrella, lawn chair, and something cool to drink. Then, kick back and laugh.

 Finlay Donovan is killing it by Elle Cosamano

Finlay's life is a bit of a disaster. Her husband has left her for their real estate agent, she's way behind on the novel she's supposed to be writing, she's not making enough money, and her agent insists on meeting to discuss the plot.  So when Finlay meets her agent at a restaurant to discuss the plot of her book, Finlay starts improvising. A woman at a neighboring table misunderstands the situation, offering her $50,000 to kill her abusive husband, what could possibly go wrong?

 Where'd you go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Bernadette is a brilliant architect married to a computer genius with an eighth grader named Bee. Unfortunately Bernadette's social anxiety has become so bad that she's a recluse in their Seattle home, even using an online personal assistant so she doesn't have to interact with anyone. As a reward for good grades, Bee asks for a cruise to Antarctica.  Of course Bernadette has to agree, but how will she possibly cope?

 The Spellman files by Lisa Lutz 

Isabelle Spellman has been working for her family's private investigation firm in San Francisco since she was 12.  Now approaching 30, she's thinking of making some changes, but agrees to take on a case with her 14 year old sister who promptly disappears.  

 The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

After finding her murdered sister, Letty Carnahan goes on the run with her 4 year old niece to Florida's Gulf Coast.  She finds a little roadside motel and tries to keep a low profile while figuring out what happened to her sister, but can't help getting involved with the other motel residents.

 The Thursday murder club by Richard Osman

Four unlikely friends meet weekly in the retirement village Jigsaw Room to solve unsolved crimes.  When a local developer is found dead with a mysterious photograph left next to the body, the Thursday Murder Club is suddenly in the middle of a live case.

 Agatha Arch is afraid of everything by Kristin Bair O'Keeffe

Although she's a successful author, Agatha is an anxious woman whose fears have kept her somewhat isolated. After finding her husband and another woman inside the shed with only half their clothes on, she decides to take a hatchet to the toolshed.  She also starts spying on her neighborhood and her fears lead to some hilarious encounters. 

 Open and shut by David Rosenfelt

Defense attorney Andy Carpenter always leaves others in awe of his biting wit and fourth-quarter game plan.  But when his father dies, he leaves two legacies, $22 million (where did that come from?) and the request to take on a death row appeal. The start of a fun series.

Debbie Rosenberg is a member of Fond du Lac Public Library's reference department