Monday, August 08, 2022

During the next two to three weeks, portions of the roof at the Fond du Lac Public Library will be replaced.

This project, which will last through mid- to late-August, will have limited impacts on Fond du Lac Public Library users.

Visitors to the library should expect:

  • Possible, temporary changes to how you enter the library: Use of the south entrance may be modified at times, but should be usable during the project. The north entrance will not be affected by the roof improvement
  • Some additional noise during portions of the project: Earplugs will be available at any service desk for those who want them, though the library does not expect the noise to become too loud during this project

Neither of these should impact users' ability to utilize the Fond du Lac Public Library. For individuals who would prefer not to enter the library during this time, curbside service continues to be available.

The Fond du Lac Public Library appreciates your patience during this project.