Monday, June 01, 2020

Lora Vahlsing is the June virtual summer maker-in-residence for the Fond du Lac Public Library’s Idea Studio. Artist, photographer and yoga leader Vahlsing will be offering virtual classes, interactive question-and-answer sessions and exhibits of her work.

Vahlsing’s paid residency will take place on a Facebook group through which people can interact, see her work, attend workshops and learn about other makers and artists. Sign-up for the group is through

Vahlsing's focus this June will be contemplative photography, which she describes as “a process-focused approach to photography in which you see the world with fresh eyes, allowing subtleties and insights to emerge.

“This photographic process is accessible to almost anyone, because you only need some type of camera and a willingness to engage and explore. Stay curious and open. This type of photography is less about reinforcing what you think you already know, but rather opening up to something new. It is an invitation to experience and know yourself, and the world around you, in a vibrant way,” she said.

Vahlsing has bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Graphic Design and a master’s degree in Poetry. She’s currently an Art instructor at Marian University and previously has taught English Composition and Creative Writing. She shows her work at Trista Holz Gallery and Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts. Her writing, art and photography appear in online and print publications, most recently designing the cover for Korean Quarterly’s 20th anniversary issue. Vahlsing also is a certified yoga instructor teaching for clients that include Fond du Lac juvenile detention center, SSM Health, Friendship Learning Center, Mahala’s Hope and Verve. For more information about her work and activities, visit

Further information about the maker-in-residence program can be found at