Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Fond du Lac area has some great, young poets, many of whom entered the Fond du Lac Public Library's youth poetry contest in April.

Dozens of young poets offered their best verse, haikus and more, and the winner in each age category has been selected.

Winners are:

  • Age 6-8: Calvin M., age 6
  • Age 9-12: Lauren H., age 12
  • Age 13-18: Kennedy C., age 13

With the authors' permission, here are their winning poems:

The Cock-a-Doodle Doo Cow, by Calvin M:

The Cock-a-Doodle Doo cow
Went on a walk through the woods.

He met his brother Chocolate Bunny,
Who wondered what to do.

You are a cow.
You should say, “Moo”,

Instead of “Cock-a-doodle doo.”
Then he said, “Coo coo”.

Sunshine, by Lauren H.: 

 As the natural beauty shines for me, 
She shares the world as a sight to see,
And when she finishes her duty just for me, 
She tucks us away, now I can't see;
The natural beauty she has for me, 
As the dusk comes near, to swallow me, 
By the beast of darkness, I would like to flee, 
She leaves me to think; Why me?
But as she comes closer to showing me,
I dream; "I will see her again,
I will see her again, 
I will see her again." 
At the dawn she rises for me,
Ending her shift on the opposite side of me, 
Completing their day just for me,
As they dream wishing to flee,
Saying; "I will see her again,
I will see her again,
I will see her again".

Drowning in My Mind, by Kennedy C.

Darkness swallows me up
My body is here, but no one’s in it
A black void
Where no one can hear me scream

I’m drowning
The water pulls me under
I try to swim up, but there is no end
To the vast abyss with no dry land
Its wet hands slide down my throat
And there’s no one around to hear me when I scream
Help me if you’re there
I hope it’s just a dream