Friday, July 30, 2021

Discover adventures as you walk through Hamilton and Lakeside Park by visiting the latest StoryWalks.

Each month through the warm season, new StoryWalks are added. What's happening in October?

At Lakeside Park, a witch finds room on her broom for all the animals that ask for a ride, and they repay her kindness by rescuing her from a dragon in "Room on the Broom." Then join Leonardo, who is truly terrible at being a monster, as he tries to learn how to be better at scaring people in "Leonardo the Terrible Monster."

Over at Hamilton Park, in "What If You Had T. Rex Teeth?", learn how different body parts on dinosaurs helped them survive, including the Stegosaurus' tail, Parasaurolophus' crest, and Spinosaurus' sail.

Library staff installs new StoryWalk stories on a regular basis. StoryWalks encourage families to enjoy reading and the outdoors by posting a children’s book – a page at a time – at intervals along a path.

For more information, visit or call the Children's Desk at 920-322-3940.