Wednesday, August 30, 2023

by Katie Killian

Way back before Facebook, and even before MySpace and AOL, platforms like Bolt and Six Degrees allowed users to connect, share, and interact with others around the world in interesting and unique ways beginning in 1973.

Nowadays, people don’t even need to use technology to be entertained by social media. Users can simply pick up a book and be amazed by the truly thrilling variety of platform types and services, experiences, and opportunities possible. On top of that - the ways in which fictional and real life people can utilize these services are truly limitless!

Will they be used for good? Or…maybe not so much…? 


 The Verifiers   |   Jane Pek

  This is How You Lose the Time War   |   Amal El-Mohtar

 An Absolutely Remarkable Thing   |   Hank Green

 Ready Player One   |   Ernest Cline

 The Personal Assistant   |   Kimberly Belle

 No One Is Talking About This   |   Patricia Lockwood

 Breaking the Social Media Prism : How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing   |   Christopher Bail


 A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder   |   Holly Jackson

 Tweet Cute   |   Emma Lord

 Don’t Read the Comments   |   Eric Smith

 The Power of Social Media   |   Stuart A. Kallen   302.23 Kallen 2023

 Lark and Kasim Start a Revolution   |   Kacen Callender

Katie Killian is a librarian in the Fond du Lac Public Library's information and outreach services department.