Friday, August 20, 2021

Names have been drawn for winners of the Summer Reading @ the Fond du Lac Public Library prizes.

Winners were selected in toddler, youth, teen, and adult age categories. All winners have been contacted to pick up their prizes.

This summer's prize winners are:

Toddler Prize Basket Winners

  • John S.
  • Tabitha M.

Youth Prize Basket Winners

  • Lincoln G.
  • Elijah L.
  • Lucy B.
  • Daisy B.
  • Irelyn W.
  • Declan F.
  • Skyla V.
  • Bryn R.
  • Vincent F.
  • Micah K.

Teen Prize #1: Spa Day

  • Elinorah L.
  • Mia J.

Teen Prize #2: Gamer's Delight

  • Sam K.
  • Sean S.

Teen Prize #3: Snack Attack

  • Lexie G.
  • Lauren D.

Adult Gift Card Winners

  • Connie S.
  • Samantha B.
  • Trish F.
  • Sarah S.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Summer Reading at the Fond du Lac Public Library!