Kindle users can now borrow library ebooks

The Fond du Lac Public Library now has Kindle e-books for borrowing. For many months, the library has had e-books compatible with other formats, but it wasn't until September 21, 2011 that Amazon entered into a partnership with OverDrive Media, the program used by libraries across the United States. 

All library users need is an OverDrive account, which is free. To check out Kindle titles, click on Readers and then OverDrive Media via the library website. After finding a title that you are interested in that lists Kindle book as a compatible format, check it out. Click on the “Get for Kindle” button . This will send you to, where you will sign into your Amazon account. Once you’re signed into your Amazon account, you’ll be able to sync your device or app with your computer. If you have an active wireless connection, the library book will be sent to your device. If you do not have an active wi-fi connection, you can transfer your file via USB. Amazon has more details on how to transfer files via USB.

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