In the Mood for a Thriller?

Thriller is just one of the words I would use to describe Crashers by Dana Haynes. Other words that come to mind; brilliant, spellbinding, breathtaking, and... surprising. The story revolves around an airplane crash and the investigation that follows. Whenever a plane crashes, a "Go Team" is assembled to investigate. Each team member is a leading expert in a specific field. This time, the team has only three days to find out what caused the plane to crash – what normally takes months to determine. Why the rush? The plane was brought down deliberately, and it is scheduled to happen again in three days. The author details each and every step involved in the investigation, which I found utterly fascinating. Her newest title, Breaking Point, is next on my list.

This book was recommended to me by one of the library's regular customers, who raved to me about the new author she discovered. Customer feedback is just one of the perks of my reader's advisory job at the library Help Desk, so please stop and tell me about your favorite authors!


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