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What’s the Idea Studio?

The makerspace is a permanent do-it-yourself zone where people can gather to create, invent and learn. It includes work tables, equipment to use, display cases, a projector and screen, a demonstration kitchen and a digital recording studio. New equipment is being added all the time. The full, updated list is available in handouts in the studio and HERE. Registration is required for the recording studio, 3-D printers and the Carvey CNC cutter. Registration directions HERE.

When is it open?

Summer hours (June-August 2018):

Mon-Thu 1-8 pm
Fri 1-6 pm
Every Sat noon-4 pm

Fall 2018 hours (starting September 1):

Mon-Thu 3-8 pm
Fri 3-6 pm
Every Sat noon-4 pm

Can anyone use the Idea Studio?

Children 13 and over and adults are welcome to use the Idea Studio in a constructive way. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Some equipment will have age restrictions. This is a makerspace, so if the patrons are simply interested in relaxing and hanging out, they will be asked to do so in another part of the library. All patrons will be expected to follow safe-use practices, clean up after themselves and respect the space.

Can anyone use the equipment?

Some equipment, such as the littleBits, will be available to all without prior training. Other equipment, such as the recording studio and sewing machine, will require users to first pass a “badging” test that’s designed to teach proficiency in skills and safe use. Badging training sessions will be held at set program times and, eventually, in drop-in sessions. Once a person is badged, they can use the equipment without supervision (if they are age 13 or older). Lastly, there will be a few pieces of equipment, such as the laser cutter, that will be available only under direct FDLPL staff supervision and by appointment only. The kitchen is not a commercially licensed food preparation space. That means that food cooked at the kitchen cannot be consumed by others. The kitchen will be used for demonstration programs. The specifics on what equipment is available and their conditions will be shared in handouts and HERE.

Is everything free?

There is no charge to use the equipment, but some require fees for supplies. Specifics are spelled out in handouts at the studio and HERE.

How can I keep track of what’s going on at the Idea Studio?

Programming and updates will be shared via handouts at the studio, the library’s e-newsletter (sign up here), on this page and via the Idea Studio’s Facebook page.

Who’s staffing the Idea Studio?

A paid library employee will be on staff whenever the Idea Studio is open. That person could be accompanied by volunteers. These volunteers may have specific technical skills – some may lead badging sessions – but while skills are preferred, that is not a requirement. Eventually, the Idea Studio hopes to attract Makers-in-Residence. These people will bring a high-level skillset and use the Idea Studio as their working space for a given time, in a program similar to an artist in residence.

What about liability?

All persons taking badging training will be required to sign liability waivers.

Can I bring my group to the Idea Studio?

Groups are welcome to come to the studio any time during open hours (children under age 13 must be adequately supervised by adults). We offer scheduled group tours, which would include an age-appropriate activity. To schedule an introductory tour, email Idea Studio staff. Due to limitations of space, equipment and staff time, the Idea Studio cannot accommodate large groups in most of its limited-size classes and programs.

How do I contact the Idea Studio staff?

Email [email protected] or call during studio open hours to (920) 322-3946




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